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New On30 2-8-0

Started by mcgrath4894, June 19, 2023, 10:02:16 AM

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Last year (2022) at the NMRA convention, I spoke with a Bachmann representative who said that a new On30 2-8-0 was coming out sometime in the near future.  How is it coming along?

Yard Master

Hi mcgrath,

Unfortunately, due to low preorders in the months after the new On30 2-8-0 (DCC Tsunami2 equipped) was announced at the NMRA convention, followed by a high cost quotation, management made the difficult decision to cancel the model in December as it was no longer a feasible project.

We regret having to make the rare decision to cancel a publicly announced project, but Bachmann remains committed to the On30 range, including developing and releasing new models.


I'd never heard of this. Are there any renderings or prototype ever made?

Yard Master

Hi Lee,

The new run was to be a new set of roadnames for our previously released Baldwin Outside Frame 2-8-0. Here's a photo of one of the previous roadnames:


Thanks, I thought this meant a whole different prototype was being modeled. That's a shame, as the molds are clearly in place, still.
I'd sure love it if they started cranking out some of the earlier locos. For example, the ten-wheelers are really tough to find now that the initial stocks have sold out.


Shucks. The original 2-8-0 was the best running loco, I think, in On30. I was looking forward to this release. I hope they reconsider!
On30 for me, N scale for my son.


That engine would get me right into On30