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SD70ACe lighting issues

Started by Bobcap1957, July 18, 2023, 03:37:58 PM

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I have a Reading Heritage unit 1067 with ditch lights and I'm having an issue with the lights!! I used JMRI decoder pro with a PR4 interface and  set it to the tsunami SD70ACe sound value decoder. I changed the road number from 03 to 1067. After that, The front headlight works normal, the rear headlight is on all the time? The rear ditch lights are on all the time. The front ditch lights come on only when you hit F5 & F6, they turn off in reverse and alternate when the horn blows. They all dim when I hit F7. Having to hit F5 & F6 seems wrong to get the front ditch lights to work and I can't get anything to change the rear lights? I know I must be missing a CV value somewhere but not sure why all this changed just by changing the road number?? Help!!