Will BACHMANN Trains be Offering a Full Refund for the Large Scale 4-4-0 [Redux

Started by Fred2179, July 12, 2023, 01:37:56 PM

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I assume the original thread has been locked by the "Yardmaster" as it doesn't let me reply [what happened to the Bach-man?]

I just wanted to confirm/correct Mickey's post.
QuoteI assume you are talking about the gear that they have had a "D" replacement available for years and is not that expensive.


Will this work from the 2-8-0?  I thought I read at one time that they were all the same?  No?

Product ID 4833, the one labelled 'for 4-4-0 and 2-6-0' is the correct part. I have installed quite a few of them, and if you look around you will find Loco Bill's thread on how to do it, with a link to my photos.       

The 2-8-0 axle [products_id=10285] will NOT work, as it is extended to reach through the outside frames to the counter weights.


Having had some conversations with Norman over his loco(s), I believe he is the original owner, and if he can find the invoice, I think the warranty will apply - though it sounds as if he wants to send it in for a refund!

Yard Master

Hi Fred,

Thank you for your advice. And don't worry, the Bach-Man is still around and well- I'm just helping keep tabs on the conversations and offering support and advice.