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Started by RailwayRoundhouse, July 24, 2023, 02:59:43 PM

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Is there any news regarding the rerelease of Bachmann Salty? We haven't heard anything for a while and I was wondering if it's still going ahead?


I would also like an update on this. I started collecting a few years ago so I was never able to get Salty, really anticipating this release!

Yard Master

Hi all,

Salty is still planned to be re-released, we ran into some unexpected difficulties while making some updates to his motor and drivetrain. Most likely he will be shipping early next year. We apologize for the delays.

Armada Starscream

If the delay is due to updates and improvements on the model, then personally, I am fine with waiting a little longer.

And if they are improving the Salty model, that gives us more incentive to buy the new version, as it will be better than the old version.



To be honest there are few Ho scale items that have yet to be released such as Beau who seems to be done for a while I know theses boxes take time but it seems the development of these process is short compared to the time period of a final design to stores .