Need Advice, move to LED, stay Incandescent, or do both?

Started by Ralph S, July 30, 2023, 01:20:57 PM

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Ralph S

I've come to a dilemma that maybe some different perspectives can help.
I've collected over the years quite a few incandescent lamps, that is, from train signals, billboards, street to building lighting.     I've also collected a few (not many) of the LED lighted buildings and billboards.  The power supplies to them is not an issue that I can see so far.   Problem is some incandescent lamps do not look as realistic as the LED versions.  I also thought about just using the incandescent lamps in the Plasticville and other buildings only.  This way you don't see the lamp only the light from that incandescent lamp.  Therefore, make all of the train signals, streetlights and all other outside lights LED's.

After looking at Sheldon's images (Sheldon's Layout started by Grumpy468, July 07, 2020, of item 158- Jan 21, 23 12:26:06 am, image 5) of the LEDs on his street, the incandescent lamps that I have are vintage 1950's looking large and quite dull.  They are more park lighting than street lighting.  I kinda like the downward facing lights from the poles, the incandescent lamps shine everywhere.
Sheldon's illuminated streetlights.   (Believe that these are LED's) 

So, which is better, use both as mentioned above, or totally move all lighting to LED?


For me the question answers itself.

DO you REALLY want to have to take your signals and lamp posts down and rethread wires every time a bulb burns out? If not, then use LEDs to minimize the times you have to do that.
Jeffery S Ward Sr
Pittsburgh, PA