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Started by jga1959, September 18, 2023, 12:10:29 PM

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My smoke unit went out on my Williams by Bachman steamer. I called Bachman and they do not carry any smoke units. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do ? Baldwin 4 6 0


Hi jga1959,

          671 here. I have posted several articles about aftermarket smoker repair. Use the"SEARCH" from this site to find them. They should still be available. Years 2011-2013,14 ?
          I have detailed exactly what to buy and how to make smoke with the new unit.
Basically I purchase a LGB 5-6 volt (SEUTH) smoker unit from Trainland. Install this in place of the Williams unit.
The new smoker is a little larger in diameter and slightly lower in voltage need. Two diodes are needed inline with the supply board (7volts output) to smoker reduces the voltage. ( approx minus 0.7 volts per installed diode to reduce to 5.6 volts supplying the smoker unit.
Find one of my complete articles on this subject...The new unit smokes like the loco is on fire...approx 15-20 minutes smoke output per session. My smoker is still going strong after 10 plus years.

                               Hope this helps...671



671 here. The description of my repair/replacement was posted Jan 28 2018. This will help you with the replacement of your smoke unit. You will be very happy with the results....HEAVY HEAVY Smoke!

                              Smokem' if you gotem'....Hope this helps...671


To All,

     I have just located the 5-6 volt smoke unit on the Website "Holyart"  It is priced at $22.87. Great price...Trainland is out of stock currently and priced at > $34.99.
This Website also has a smoking cauldron (Pot). It would look great for a hobo camp type scene.

                         Merry Christmas to all...671