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Another tender for your NYC Hudson

Started by keystonefarm, September 20, 2023, 11:42:08 PM

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Years back when Bachman offered the NYC Niagara it had the NYC Centipede tender . If the tooling still exists with some power pickup/detail changes it would be correct for your new NYC Hudson. You might want to look into it . Just a suggestion !!  ---   Ken

the Bach-man


What about bringing back all of the separately available tenders that were available around 10 years ago? I could use several.  Especially the small one that was behind the 52 inch driver ten Wheeler. And the medium oil, Vanderbilt tender.


Vanderbilt on ten wheeler... the Frisco 780...I would throw money at that. Here is a link to a pic of it on


I have a photo of a Gulf Coast Lines 10 wheeler with a Vanderbilt tender. The engine is a dead ringer for the Bachmann 63 inch driver 10 wheeler currently not in production. The Vanderbilt tender is almost just like the medium oil tender Bachmann sold years ago, with a couple of handrail modifications. Neither is offered anymore, but fortunately I have both. So, Gulf Coast Lines 10 wheeler number 33 will soon be on the rails at my house.

I'd post a photo but I don't know how.