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4-8-2 Frsco 1501 whistle set.

Started by Tenwheeler01, September 23, 2023, 12:19:25 PM

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Just have a question for Bachmann.

Way was the Frisco No. 1522 3-Chime "Steamboat" whistle not include in the set of available whistle on this model?
The NYC 4-6-4 have has the "Frisco Step Top 6-Chime (1)" And "Frisco Step Top 6-Chime (2)" in it whistle set.   The new HO berkshire has the 1522's whistle in it's set. 
But not the one Frisco model that should have it. 

If it does have it please let us know what whistle number it is.  But from the whistles I tested the set seems to match the whistle list on Soundtraxx website for the light mountain from the previous run of these models.

Thank you.



It is true that the Frisco was known for steamboat whistles on its engines. But it did not have steamboat whistles on every engine at any given time.

Railroads changed whistles on their steam engines during regular shoppings like we change socks every day. If you look at photos of engines at different periods in their lives and look closely at the Whistle, you'll see more often than not a different one every time.  Hot steam is very abrasive and would create heavy wear on the cell apertures, compromising the tuning and overall sound, and ending up with a terrible raucous tone.  The whistles themselves had to be shopped just like any other moving part, but the engine needed to get back in service as soon as possible, so a repaired and ready Whistle would go on the engine while the worn one went to the backshop for repair.

With all of that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if the 1501 one carried a six chime at some point in its life. Personally, I love that Frisco Six chime on the Soundtraxx decoders that I have.  It's a pretty standard Nathan six chime but it's also very correct for Southern Pacific and Missouri Pacific engines. That whistle and the Rio grande 486 5-chime are very typical of southwestern railroads and are standard on my engines.


I just looked at the N scale light 4-8-2 whistles on the Soundtraxx website. The Econami decoder has 15 whistles, some really great ones, but I do see an Illinois central steamboat whistle.  It may not be the very whistle that was on the Frisco 1522, but a steamboat whistle is a steamboat Whistle, they really didn't differ that much from each other. In my experience, the tone and pitch of real steam whistles varied quite a bit with atmospheric conditions and prevailing winds.