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Silver Series full dome passenger car

Started by hd971feather, April 04, 2011, 03:10:17 PM

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Purchased one of these very nice cars of our executive fleet NS train 85' full dome passenger cars. Being an employee of NS, was interested to know if Bachmann is going to make a full set of these executive cars? The dome car that I purchased was supposed to have lighting but does not. Why? Now, how do I get into it?


It is likely due to a loose wire or contact or misaligned wheels (check for the insulated side).


Be absolutely sure about the type of '85 full dome car you have.  There's a cheap version, and a much nicer one.  I got stuck with the cheap versions originally, as it had plastic trucks and wheels, and no interior lights.  Luckily I was able to buy 4 individual lighted '85s and swap out the interiors.  The body styles to both versions are the same, so now I have 4 individual McKinley Express '85 Dome cars all lighted with perfect trucks, wheels and couplers.  Kenei, Knik, Talkeetna, and Teshka.  Looks sweet at night.

To gain access to the interiors, I used a utility knife on 3 areas connecting the side door, seating area, and front part of the shell where another could have gone. Do this on both sides. These are glued on pretty good so use care when twisting the knife slightly to separate the shell from the bottom of the car.  It'll make a snapping sound eventually but that's just the glue bond breaking.  It'll be noticeable where the next connection is once the first part is done.  The first one's the hardest, as you are very careful getting the shell off.  Once you view where the glue joints are exactly, any other car will be easy remove the shell from.

Just re-glue it when you are done with your inspection of the issue.  Good Luck.


As I found 4 McKinley full dome passenger cars needing coupler work.  As the couplers are linked to the wheels assembly, where can I find a diagram and part number to replace?

Thanks from this newbie..