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G scale 2-4-2 Lyn lubrication

Started by Mike Porter, September 30, 2023, 03:13:08 PM

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Mike Porter

I am used to lubricating my locos but, do I need to disassemble the Lyn tank engine to get at the motor. If I do, ok. Hoping there is an easier way

Loco Bill Canelos

Hi Mike,

The motor itself does not require lubing, only the gears.  I believe all the Lyn's have the lubrication port on the bottom. You just need to pry up the rubber dime sized cover and it will expose the gears.

That is one great locomotive.  I used mine on an automated back an forth mine track setup on an old layout I had.  It was always on and the slow speed was great.  It ran forever, I lubed it with teflon white grease maybe once or twice a year back then. Never had a problem with it and still have it.

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