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On30 tenders

Started by Terry Toenges, November 03, 2023, 01:29:26 PM

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Terry Toenges

Are any of the On30 tenders the same body as the On30 Mogul tender? I need a Mogul tender body for a kit bash. I don't need a whole tender just the body. If not, I guess I'll have to buy a whole tender.
Feel like a Mogul.

Uncle Bill

Hi There - first time trying to post. Have several On30 Steam locos & I'm in process of painting, decalling weathering etc.  Have the 0-4-0 Porter, the 2-6-2, the 4-6-0 & the 2-8-0 as well as the Climax & Shay.  Looking for water capacities for the tenders for decal detailing. I can guess (?) but thought I'd check & see if anyone can help with something more accurate.  Thx - Uncle Bill


Uncle Bill, you probably want to start a new thread.  Even though it's tender related, it's a different topic.