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Forney 2-4-4-Bac25478, is it sound ready?

Started by Tom_C, December 13, 2023, 03:57:50 PM

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I just stumbled on a NOS DCC Forney Bac25478.  At a brick and mortor hobby shop and I ordered it over the phone, so the info I got is limited... and hopefully I actually receive it.

But anyway, is it sound ready with a drop in sound module?


No. It has "DCC On Board", but no sound. You can either hardwire a Sountraxx Tsunami TSU-1100 sound decoder in, with their 810153 speaker, or use a LokSound 5 Micro decoder with it's included speaker. The LokSound decoder comes with adapter cables allowing it to be either hardwired or plugged into a socket, if available.

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