0-6-0 problem with drive between gear and motor

Started by andrewpipassoc@yahoo.com, November 20, 2023, 11:32:50 AM

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I  am new to this forum and am hoping you can help. I have a 3F loco. The loco wont run, the wheels wont turn either by motor or pushing along. The wheels just stop. By dismantling the motor the wheels and gears run smoothly. Similarly with the wormdrive disconnected from the gears, the motor also turns smoothly. As soon as all reconnected, nothing. The wormdrive appears to engage in the gears. Please help

Yard Master

Hi Andrew,

Sounds like you have a Bachmann Branchline locomotive. For best results, we recommend you contact Bachmann Europe customer support directly. Please note that this forum is administrated by Bachmann Trains USA. While there may be a member able to assist you, Bachmann Trains USA as a company does not provide support for Bachmann Europe products.