Started by MountainGuyz, January 04, 2024, 02:23:47 PM

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Hello.  I am in the process of creating an auto-reversing track.  Over the last month plus, I have been attempted to setup the LBG 10345 auto reversing unit.  My vendor sent in a replacement unit, but neither would work.  I tested the Bachmann 93938 trolley via directly connecting wiring to the track... and it works just fine. I believe there is an issue with the Bachmann Trolley wiring and the LBG 10345 auto shuttle wiring.  That said, I am now looking at the newly released Bachmann 22 G optical Auto-reversing system. 

My question is:  Will this Bachmann 96222 work with LGB 10000 Straight Track?  The only reference I see at Bachmann is "Runs on 45mm Track" .  My gut tells me the track type should not matter, insofar as it is G scale track for the trolley I am running - and the power provided is enough to run the trolley, --- however I've learned never to assume on any cross-mfg.   

Thanks in advance!!!

the Bach-man

Dear Bill,
It will be fine on any 45mm track. I mix all brands of track on my railroad with no issues.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


I am having trouble getting the optical auto-reversing system to work.  Once the trolley is over the optical sensor the unit stops as expected.  It then begins to move again but only goes about 3 inches and then stops and reverses again.  It seems to detect the same trolley as it leaves rather than leaving a buffer.  This does not see to be configurable?

Yard Master

Hi Matt,

Are you operating the trolley at low or high speed? If the speed is set too high, the trolley may have too much momentum and overshoot the sensor, and trip it again when it reverses.
There is a slight buffer after the sensor is tripped to allow the train to get moving. Reducing the speed will allow the trolley to stop and reverse quickly enough that it should be able to get away from the sensor in time.


hmmmmm.  I am having trouble at all speeds I am afraid.



Is the trolley supposed to stop over top (i.e. blocking) the sensor or is it supposed to pass all the way over and then stop?

Yard Master

It is meant to stop/block the sensor and then reverse.

Matt, if you have the time to contact our service department, they should be able to help you with further troubleshooting.