Does the new N Scale Baldwin 2-8-0 have a working front coupler?

Started by Searsport, January 11, 2024, 11:09:07 AM

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Hi, I just got an email flyer from Bachmann announcing a fresh release of the Baldwin 2-8-0 in HO and in N scale. I am wondering if the N scale models have a fully functional front coupler yet so they can be used for branch line, switching, and yard operations? If so, is the chassis sufficiently the same to allow me to transplant my old SAL loco and tender bodies onto them (Spectrum 81166 SAL #916 and 81173 SAL #914). These two old ladies are fed up with the big hand from the sky having to keep turning them round, and they would like to be able to run tender-first instead!!!!!

Yard Master

Hi Searsport,

Sorry to disappoint, but the newest release of the 2-8-0 does not have any changes body and detail wise to the earlier Spectrum production. They have a non-operating scale coupler on the front.


If you enlarge the dummy coupler opening in the pilot, it's possible to fit an MTL Z scale coupler in its place. Doesn't couple very smoothly and you probably can't uncouple automatically, but it will allow you to pull cars running tender first.