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N scale Siemens ALC-42 locomotives

Started by Ntrainfan6, April 13, 2024, 10:00:50 AM

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I am very interested in a sound version of the Siemens Amtrak ALC-42 and can find almost no information about it or when Bachmann might release it. Is it still a sure thing, and will it have all the wonderful lighting effects that the current N scale Siemens Charger has (lighted number boards and illuminated engine room etc?) A major competitor is already producing this locomotive and is taking reservations for sound-equipped versions which sell out very fast. Thanks for the information.

Yard Master

Hi Ntrainfan6,

The N scale ALC-42 is wrapping up production and will be shipping from the factory very soon. Expect them to ship to dealers in a few weeks. And yes, it will be fully equipped with all the same sound and lighting features out of the box as the N scale SC-44. Thanks for your patience!


Great to hear and thanks for the update! I will be looking forward to these.

Also, I'm looking forward to the N scale version of the Siemens Charger locomotives in the COASTER San Diego Commuter rail paint scheme and hope these are still planning to be released.