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Bachmann decoder 36-567B with NCE PowerCab

Started by Cessna101, May 29, 2024, 12:02:49 PM

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Brand new decoders, purchased in UK and carried home to Michigan.  Installed in two new loco's this week, on new track.  Both run, but stop at random points on the layout, and sit with no control for 90seconds (always this period) then set off again at the same speed.  Lights are still on during this period, so still powered up.  I have two of them, different loco's displaying the same problem.  Not returnable as the store is 3000miles away...  Can you help?

Yard Master

Hi Cessna,

Since this is a Bachmann Europe item, for best results, we recommend you contact Bachmann Europe customer support directly. Please note that this forum is administrated by Bachmann Trains USA. While there may be a member able to assist you, Bachmann Trains USA as a company does not provide support for Bachmann Europe products.