N-scale Bachmann 4-8-2 With DCC/Sound won't run

Started by pogybait, February 01, 2024, 02:28:10 PM

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I purchased a Bachmann N-scale 4-8-2 Light Mountain w/DCC/Sound last year, but have never been able to get it to run.  The sound activates, but the only movement is one "chug" in whichever direction I've chosen on my throttle.  Has anybody else had this same problem?


Send it in under warranty for repair. I bought one of these last summer and have had nothing but trouble with it. It has been back to Bachmann service three times now. The last thing I heard from them is that they want to replace it with another model. Unfortunately, I have assembled a Crescent Express passenger train that matches this locomotive, so I want this particular locomotive. I get the feeling that these have some deep-seated intrinsic problem. Unless you are in a situation like me, opt for a replacement of some other model.