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4-4-0 extra parts question

Started by trainman203, February 03, 2024, 06:34:30 PM

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The Spectrum Richmond 4-4-0 that came in a black box had a multitude of spare parts like extra pilots and fuel loads for the tender, noticeably a very nice oil bunker.

The second version of the 4-4-0 came in either a blue box or a red box, depending on whether or not it was DCC.

My question is, did these blue and red box engines come with an oil bunker? It shows on the parts diagram, but in looking through all the parts I collected after buying a number of these engines, I can only find enough of those oil bunkers to address the Richmond engines I bought.  it's been such a very long time now since I bought those I can't remember what all came with them. I could use at least a dozen of those bunkers on different engines.  If could confirm that I really got them I'll keep looking. But it's the classic deal with putting them in a safe place that was so safe that it's too safe and now they can't be found.

the Bach-man

Dear Trainman,
At one time, when we made different versions of locos, the unlettered versions came with all the parts.
Road-named locos had only the parts for that prototype.
Have fun!
the Bach-man