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N Scale Coupling Conversion for Coaches

Started by MoyLuna, March 02, 2024, 12:56:52 PM

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Last weekend, I purchased a lot of Union Pacific coaches from a Train Show after being told that I could switch the couplings out for Knuckle couplers. Seeing that the platform in front of the coach is extruded out more than a standard box car would be, would there be any complications from just choosing a standard set of E-Z-MateĀ® Mark II couplers to go along with a BACHMANN #51558 2-6-2 PRAIRIE - UNION PACIFIC I ordered?

I had the same problem with a combination baggage/passenger UP car. I now have a set of "Micro-Trains"
Barber Roller Bearing Trucks with Long Extension Magna-Matic Couplers". I don't like how they look very much and am disappointed that they have plastic wheels. I think the best solution would be grafting your couplers of choice to the existing trucks. I would have done it, but at 81 and with crippling arthritis, I took the easy way out.