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HO expanded track lay out

Started by High Country Bob, April 02, 2024, 12:16:09 PM

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High Country Bob

I need some technical advice for expanding my Durango/Silverton HO scale train layout.

- The total track length is approximately 634 inches or 53 feet. The transformer/controller that comes with this set is the Bachmann N. 44211. Is this transformer adequate for this length of track or do I need to upgrade?

- I have about a third of the track needed, I also received some additional track with the basic kit, it is all steel alloy 9" sections. I have seen in the Bachmann catalog track labeled "nickel/silver". Is this material type compatible with the steel alloy track? Can they be mixed in one layout. I have some long straight runs so I plan to try and use the 36" long sections to minimize joints if that matters?

- I didn't see anything in the catalog...does Bachmann or any other supplier sell a specialized fastener to secure the track sections to a wood substrate? If not a specialized fastener, any other suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for any advice or information!

High Country Bob


Fasten your track with appropriate model railroad track screws available at any model railroad retailer, Google is your friend.  Drill holes At the end of each section that doesn't already have holes.

You can also fasten your track down with various glues or caulks but I've been sorry every time I've ever done that, something always goes wrong or I want to change something in the design.


As far as I know, you can use the older steel alloy track with no problem. But, the problem is that steel rusts. I think the only place that would be a problem is high humidity Regions. I live in one so I don't use it.