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Overheating little big hauler motor

Started by rkc, May 28, 2024, 11:47:47 PM

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Our son's little big hauler motor gets extremely hot after running for only about ten minutes. I mean REALLY HOT. Then it stops.  Give it a few minutes to cool and you can get another ten minutes. I've taken it out of the chassis, removed the rods, and have it sitting free on a table with clips to the motor leads. Same result. Gears and wheels have been cleaned, greased, oiled. Help. A dad's image is at stake. 

the Bach-man

Dear RKC,
Please give the service department a call tomorrow.
They'll be happy to help you resolve the situation.
Good luck!
the Bach-man


What/Whose power supply are you using??

Greg Elmassian

If the motor is completely free running, it should not overheat even at 24v.... most likely a partially shorted winding on one segment
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