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Ken's Railroad

Started by Ken Huck, July 13, 2020, 03:17:55 PM

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Ken Huck

Hi Craig, to answer your question, 1991.  This is actually the fifth variation of back when
I laid down that first sheet of plywood.  It started as two pieces of plywood laid end to end.
All the track was a simple pinched oval or dog bone with a few turnouts.

A few years later I added a second level and doubled the track length.  The third level was originally
a return-loop.  After getting tired of all the stop-reverse polarity-and go of manual DC operation,
I added another length of track to have a continuous run up and down all three levels.  That's
where we are today.


Ken Huck

Well, I finally finished putting the "Farm" scene together.  My next project will be to
'frame' it in.  Enjoy the pics.  The water tank is a Woodlands Scenic product.

The Oliver 'Super 77' is a production.

More to follow,



Thats awesome Ken.  I hope im still around 30 years from now with something similar to show off.