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Pin connectors on K27

Started by Howard, January 23, 2008, 04:50:25 PM

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I have only given my new 27 a test run a couple of times, biggest complaint right now is with the 6 and 7 pin connectors between loco and tender.  Not so tough to place in, but very awkward to disconnect and still try to be careful.  Anyone have a simple solution?



Jon D. Miller


Build a train carrier, then you don't have to unplug the tender from the locomotive.

This carrier is 40" long and 8" wide.

I started building carriers when the Spectrum American was first introduced.  Now I have a carrier for each locomotive that has plugs and wires connecting the tender to the engine.  Also a carrier for the three truck Shay.  Sure saves on plugs.

There is a loading ramp so the engine and tender may be run off the carrier on to the track.  I have battery power so the locomotive can be run off and on the carrier under power.  With the K-27 since it will free-wheel it could be pushed on and off the carrier.

Carriers are also great for transporting a locomotive when visiting another layout.

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Thanks for the input.  A loco carrier would be a great idea.  Only problem I have is that storage space for my locos is limited.  I appreciate your advice and picture.  I'll certainly keep it in mind for a possible project.



Phil Stump

I have been just putting a little grease on the out side of the connectors after while they get much easyer


I had the same problem, very difficult to remove.  This is what I did. Cut off the locking tabs and use a small flat blade screwdriver and they pop right out.


I find they are easier to remove than to inset. However you have to learn the technique.

The latch has a small ridge on the end closest to the loco.
Place your thumb behind the front step.
Place the end of your thumbnail against the rear edge of the ridge. Push on the ridge to move it up and toward the loco.

If you stand behind the loco, you can insert your thumbs inside the front steps and release both plugs without disturbing the loco or tender in one quick motion.


I decided to just remove those retainer clips on the undersides of the plugs. They work very well without them.  ;)