K27 - Gladhand for tender brake hose, and 4 washers

Started by K487, January 17, 2008, 09:55:43 PM

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In considering making available "extra" parts (doghouse; plow brackets; plow; builders plates; ???) could you add a gladhand for the tender's brake hose? - it looks kind of strange with just an open-end.  (I didn't see any gladhand in the bag with all the parts.)

Also, and this may be asking too much but it does make sense, per Dave Goodman's "fix" on another forum, could Bachmann also supply 4 nylon washers 1/8" thick?  These were put on the outside of the lead and trailing drive wheels on their axles to reduce excessive front-end swing out.  And I believe Dave said the locomotive would still go around 4' radius curves with no problem.  As a thought, Dave disassembled the locomotive enough to slide  these on, but if that is too much work to do possibly we owners could cut a notch in the washers tight enough so they would slip on over the axles but not loose enough to fall off.



the Bach-man

Dear Doug,
I'll pass that along.
the Bach-man


At least there's a hose--on mine there is not only no hose, but no angle cock. The parts sheets I have from Trackside Details don't list them.  Anyone know of a source?


Matthew (OV)

Hartford and Phil's Narrow Gauge both have them available, angle cock, hose, and "glad hand" connector, in pairs. 

Matthew (OV)

Jon D. Miller

Hartford Products part number is HP-55. A package includes 2 ea., angle cocks, hoses, glad hands, and mounting brackets.

I would think the part number has not changed, although the packages I have were picked up at the ECLSTS last year.

Here's a view of Shay #2 with one of the Hartford brake hoses installed.

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Matthew (OV)


My green undecorated Kay came with a hose and the glad hand and cutout on the tender,,,, but not on the front of the loco.

I was more disappointed that my tender has no backup light.