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Sierra Sound for K27

Started by Howard, January 25, 2008, 07:16:58 PM

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Dear Fellow K-27 Enthusiasts:
Have recently purchased my K-27 and now have a K-27 Sierra Sound kit to install.  I have installed several Sierra systems over the years in various locomotives - all with success despite my very (and I mean very) limited electronics skills.  If you have installed a Sierra system in your K-27, I would appreciate any specific advice from your experience.  Things to be sure to do, or not to do, anything I should know before getting to it, etc.



Phil Stump

I think the best advice to give you would be to tell you to disregard everthing the engine manufacter says and do  a simple install in the tender only. Use reed switches for the whistle bell and chuff. The 2 tiny magnets provided can be super glued to a tender axle. I personaly do not like the little glass reed switch that comes with the system but it will do in a pinch if you can get it placed without breaking it. follow the sierra directions carefully. The only other thing I should say is that the sierra battery is not the greatest. I allways replace it with a nicad  battery pack as long as I have space. The sierra charger will work but I like to use a fast charger myself. The K27 has plenty of room to install everything just under the coal load so it can be easily reached without opening up the tender. Have fun. Phil    [ P.S. The chuff sensors in the engine I understand do not work]


try this link-it is a list of all K mods thus far---the chuff mod is the first one in the list ;D