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Introducing SCRy #45: The K-Rex!

Started by Matthew (OV), February 13, 2008, 01:03:00 AM

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Matthew (OV)

This is too good not to share... regardless.

The Slate Creek is about to take delivery of some new motive power .... much larger than anything found on our rails to date.  Here's a photo of #45 on test runs on the Colorado Consolidated after a complete rebuild and refit by Chief Mechanical Officer Dave Goodson.

This locomotive features Radio Control/Onboard Battery Power by RCS, Phoenix 2K2 sound, and a completely custom electrical system including a magnetic chuff timer, incandescent headlights and class lamps, and a reworked suspension.

For the full size picture see:

The "K-Rex" is HUGELY anticipated in North Carolina!  We'll have more photos, and video after it arrives and the local shop crew puts the finishing touches on.

Matthew (OV)
Slate Creek Railway


Gorgeous Matt!  Great work by Dave!  One item, I see the number on the side of the headlight looks like 455 instead of 45?


That was changed after the break-in run, along with cab shades being re-installed (surprised you didn't see that!).


  Here are some pictures you might want to see.
Scroll down and you'll see the 2.5 inch scale  7.5 inch gauge live steam K-27.
          - Andrew

Matthew (OV)

The headlights, both front and rear, have rectangular places on each side for the number.  I am making up very thin pieces of plastic...  more like plastic film.... in black with the number decal for these places, and will install them when the locomotive arrives.  TOC is temporarily painting out the last "5" on the front headlight in the meantime.

When it arrives, the locomotive will also get a new whistle, a round number plate, and a graphite treatment on the smokebox, as well as new rope for the bell, cable for the whistle, and a crew ....

Now that the news is out about spare detail parts, I'm probably going to have to have a road pilot on hand for this locomotive as well, though it won't be something that's changed in and out a lot!

Matthew (OV)