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New 1.20 trucks

Started by Larry Green, February 03, 2007, 10:15:53 AM

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Jon D. Miller

Good for you Tim,

You must have x-ray vision, or something, to be able to pick out a car that has an axle set that has a slight wobble when the car is running in a consist. 

I think I have enough Bachmann rolling stock to make the statement.

Let's face it, spinning axle sets can be a form of entertainment. Doesn't have a thing to do with how the cars operate on a layout.  But if this is what keeps you happy, then enjoy.

I'll continue to purchase and use Bachmann axle sets.  There are more important things to be concerned over than a axle set of two that may have a slight wobble.
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Please send all your bad wheels to me


Heck guys, don't throw them wobblers in the trash. Send 'em to me!!!! I'll pay the postage.   ;D ;D


This is my first post to this board in several years, back to when the promise of the Pacific Coast caboose et al fell through.
I have been hearing good things about the new 1.20 trucks.  I'll cast another vote for being able to buy these separately.  What's the prospect of that, Mr B?
I assume these have standard diameter axle holes, unlike the AMS trucks??
Maurie Walker, aka nconut


Quote from: T.Ranes on February 09, 2007, 12:56:59 AM
Heck guys, don't throw them wobblers in the trash. Send 'em to me!!!! I'll pay the postage.   ;D ;D

I will take some too. I don;t know if you guys have bad wheelsets or what but I have ZERO problems with my Bachmann wheels. Probably because I took them off the trucks and properly gauged them with a Kadee gauge tool and a little graphite in the journals. NO PROBLEMS. I does not take much to get something to perform well.

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