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air wire 9000

Started by mudhen, March 20, 2008, 05:46:17 AM

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Has any one successfully added an air wire remote system to a K-27.
With no hum, proper 4 beats per revolution etc,etc , and have it run problem free.
Someone out there, has had to of done this by now. You geniuses in bachmann land have had almost 3 months to work this out.
I can't believe I am the only one waiting to run air wire !!!!!!!!!!.


I am using battery and the AW 9000.  I powered both the Bachmann board and the decoder.  You will need to install the switching transistor on the bachmann board and connect the output directly to your sound card (2k2 or p5) Powering the Bachmann board gives you the necessary voltage for the chuff sensors. I disconnected the motor leads from the bachmann board(M+ and J1-3) and connected them to the motor output on the aw decoder. The disadvantage of this configuration is that you have no control of lights with the function 0 on the transmitter.  I you choose not to power the Bachmann board, you will have to use magnets for the chuff.  Then you can use the solder tabs on the Bachmann board to power all of your lights thru the aw decoder.  As for motor hum, this is unavoidable in the 128 speed step mode, the Aw uses pulse width control.  You will have to create a custom speed curve to use the 28 speed step mode.  I have not had the time yet to do this, so I just turn the volume up on the sound card.  This does not damage the motor but the hum is annoying.  This was my first AW install.  The results were beyond my expectations.  AW is the only way to go.
Rick ;D