How do I adjust the coupler height on my freight car?

Started by 3rail, May 01, 2009, 05:02:55 PM

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Due to the difference in some coupler heights from different manufacturers, here is a way to make minor adjustments to the coupler height on our freight car truck.

Step 1: Remove the truck from the freight car.   There is a C clip that mounts the truck to the frame of the freight car.

Step 2 Remove the small Phillips head screw near the coupler a shown below. This will allow you to separate the coupler from the truck.

Step 3 Remove the wheelset closest to the coupler.  Slightly spread the sideframes to do this.

Step 4 At the point shown on the photo below make a slight bend, downward to lower the coupler, or upward to raise coupler. Only bend a little a time, it does not take much to change the height.

Reverse the steps to reassemble.