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Author Topic: Relevant product information  (Read 2108 times)

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« on: March 03, 2007, 02:14:04 AM »

The exchange of information, assumes and belittling in several of the threads... 

I have a different point of view than some. It does not matter to me which control system one uses...   DC, battery with R/C,  DCC or a combination (yes, there is a command control system using wireless throttle, battery on board power and DCC powered by battery). However I, as I believe some contributors to this board, would desire a decision about the control system one uses be made on facts and not misinformation or misperceptions.

An involved model railroader, of any scale, can make decisions about what they want and are willing to pay for their railroads; but, only when relevant product information is readily available.

I informed Bach-man on several occasions, starting when I was given a head up Bachmann was going to use DCC in products, that DCC does not fit the Bachmann Business Model as I understand it. Because of the business model there a lack of relevant product information.
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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2007, 09:28:55 AM »

I think you're right, Hunt.  That also explains non-interchangable tenders,  only one cab number until recently,  a repair department which exchanges by and large, etc.   But they seem to be learning.  For instance the new C&O J-3 model with sound DCC on board has a different cab number from my other two Bachmann J-3s.  But I'm fairly sure that the Blue Ridge Sub does not need almost as many model J-3s as the C&O actually owned!  I already have more than half of them modeled! 

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« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2007, 11:39:45 AM »

I informed Bach-man on several occasions, starting when I was given a head up Bachmann was going to use DCC in products, that DCC does not fit the Bachmann Business Model as I understand it. Because of the business model there a lack of relevant product information. Hunt.

I would agree that "The Business Model" is all important. I think Hunt's observation also fits the current performance of Hornby, and in the US, possibly Rivarossi too. Hornby's failure to buy some better tooling of the Lima sell-off has now introduced a new competitor to the UK market: as in - "we have a 37, why do we need another?" where one of the remaining attributes of the "Model" would be excellence.

The "Model" is one of marketing a product, where the design, tooling, and manufacturing is bought-out. There was never the in-house expertese to move into DCC; so that too was bought-out. This is in an already established market and manufacture of DCC by experts. Bachmann went to Lenz: Hornby went to San-Tan(sic).

The 'Experts" are currently the ones providing the relevant product information. There are also enough of them to provide a competitive market.

I think a management audit of both Bachmann and Hornby would suggest that they should stop at "DCC Ready" with an NMRA plug/adapter where the "experts" with their products would interface.

What I think we have is a "Salesman's Folly", and not a "Marketing Strategy".

If it was to introduce DCC at a low price, I think the "experts" would be doing that themselves. Both Bachmann with Dynamis, and Hornby with Elite, have only succeded at putting themselves into the price bracket where the experts already perform well. I don't see the business models of either Bachmann or Hornby succeeding against them.


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« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2007, 11:43:56 AM »

I too must agree with Hunt. It is often a puzzle as to where this company wants to go or why they only go part way in some directions.

The Spectrum line is wonderfull and no doubt aimed a more serious modelers, but the lack of information, parts and no real repair (as apposed to replacement) service is frustraiting to modelers.

And if they are after the more causal modeler, than their quality control issues hold them back. As an experianced modeler, I have no problem with minor adjustments that are needed to get good performance, but how many times have seen on this board new modelers complaining about things like tender wiring causing derailments, or tender compatiblity issues, or turnaround complaints about the service department.

And now we have DCC and DCC with sound? Hunt is right.

Gene makes a good point as well, which I have made in the past. All these issues have gotten better, but slowly and never seemingly completely.

I would still like to get some delta trailing trucks and I woud have bought a second Western Maryland 2-8-0 a long time ago if there was a choice of cab numbers, and can I get a part time possition with the service department for constantly reposting my tender swap tech info on this board?

Can we get an extra oz of weight in the tenders so they work without endless fiddling with the wires? Can we get some delta trailing trucks (opps I said that already), how about unlettered FT's, 44 toners, 70 toners?

Would it not have made more sense to skip the DCC equiped locos and just go right to the sound/DCC locos like everybody else? When the DCC locos came along I figured we would never see factory sound from Bachmann. Not that I care personally since I don't do DCC or sound, but industry trends are clear and pricing and product offerings by other manufacturers clearly show that DCC growth has leveled off and the higher prices of DCC/sound locos are having a limiting effect on the market.

Lee, you couldn't see this? You should have called Me and Hunt, we could have told you.

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« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2007, 11:46:25 AM »


It sounds like we are in agreement on this one. You make excelent points as well.

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