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K-27 chuff synchronization

Started by mudhen, July 29, 2008, 07:48:52 PM

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To the Bach man,
Having purchased one of your K-27's (#453 ). I have just installed battery power supplied by the Air Wire 9000, and sound by the Phoenix P5. One problem still remains, the sensors in the steam chests do not give 4 beats per revolution as I understood it to be, and it should work in this engine, as advertised. Maybe I have done something wrong as not to make it work right.
Short of putting 4 magnets on on the last axle and using a reed switch. Do you have any solutions to making it work and sounding correct. I am planning on buying a 2nd K-27 and I was wondering, will the problem be fixed in the 2nd generation.
I can't wait to hear two of these mudhens echoing their chuff and whistle in my back yard. You truly out did yourselves at Bachmann on this engine. Congratulations. Hoping that somewhere in the near future you will come out with some larger K engines
Thanks in advance,  Your friend in bachmann railroading
Doug  ( a k a  Mudhen )

the Bach-man

Dear Doug,
I'll check with an Airwire user and see what he says.
the Bach-man



I have a P5 in my K-27 and I get the 4 chuffs per revolution.  By default the P5 chuff comes set to run off of the DCC inputs, that is it reads the DCC speed to determine the chuff.  Do you have the Phoenix computer interface?  If so check to see if this is enabled, as it is by default, at least in the latest downloads from Phoenix.

Now I'm not running Airwire, but true DCC, so I'm not saying that this is the problem for sure but the symptoms you state are what I saw when I installed my P5.  I had to disable the speed from DCC.  Then I was 4 chuffs.  Even if you have the input trigger set up correctly the DCC input overrides it.

Also, the K-27 comes with a jumper that allows 4 chuffs per revolution.  If you remove the jumper it only makes 2 chuffs per revolution.  I assume you or someone else has not removed the jumper?



Thanks Jimpyt,
I will look into your recommendations and let you know how it goes later this week, as well as I am also waiting to here what the Bach-man has found out.
Thanks in advance

the Bach-man

Dear Mudhen,
I'm told that following the Airwire instructions carefully and downloading the latest Phoenix software are necessary for correct operation.
Have fun!
the Bach-man