Need help guessing length of tank car

Started by Paul M., March 08, 2007, 06:55:28 PM

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Paul M.

How long would you guesstimate this T&P tank car to be? I'd like to model it, but I need to have an estimate of how long it is.


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Jim Banner

Thirty two feet, four and one-half inches, give or take a couple of yards.

It looks like it has a pressure dome on top.  Maybe this is a water car for use at a work camp and maybe they pressurize it with compressed air.  The valves at the bottom seem particularly well protected which may indicate it contrains potable water.  On the other hand, small water tank cars are sometimes used for scale testing.
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Paul M.

Jim was right. It is a water tank car for use at a water plant. The picture was taken in 1950. I'm gonna have to guess about the length. It's probably, like mentioned before, 25-35 feet. I'll go with 30 feet . I'll shorten an old Tyco tank car and maybe upgrade the dome on the Tyco car.

Thanks, guys


Alex V.

I've seen pics of N scale 28' tanks that look similar to that. Just a guess  ???.
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Loco Bill Canelos

My best guess is 32 feet, be sure to show us a picture when you get it done!!
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Paul M.

I will, Bill .  ;D  It might take a long time, though. :-\