Started by twojags, December 03, 2008, 12:30:35 PM

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I have been a railway modeler (off and on) for over 50 years but never quite got the hang of the electrical side which can be quite dangerous! I live in the UK and would be grateful if forum members could answer a question for me. Is it safe to connect two Bachmann Spectrum Transformers / Controllers (Cat.No. 446681) to a single Step-Down Transformer (230v to 120v AC) or is it advisable to keep each entirely separate? If it is possible to connect two is there any restriction on the loading of the Step-Down unit?
Any advice would be much appreciated.


Question  1 .  Are these units all made to operate on 50 Hertz( cycles per second ) power ?

Question  2 . Is the output of the 230 V to 120 V stepdown  Transformer greater than the input of the combined Bachmann Spectrum Magnums plus 15% for power reserve ?             

If the above are both true you should be okay. The advantage of seperate transformers is the flexability if one fails.  All units should of course be properly safe guarded with fuses or circuit breakers.

Does anybody else on the forum have any other suggestions ?


The step down transformer, if shared between the two power packs should be rated for at least 120VA load.

The power packs should operate okay on 50Hz, inside is a transformer to convert the voltage to about 12VAC, then bridge rectifier to convert it to DC.  The transformer will operate a little bit warmer than on 60Hz, but it should not be a problem.
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