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Started by mac_daddy, March 16, 2007, 11:37:51 PM

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Hello, All.

First time post, long time fan.

I just acquired a used Big Hauler G Scale Radio Controlled set. Naturally, no manual was in the box.

Are there links for downloading manuals or do they need direct ordering to Bachmann support?

I'd like to run this outdoors on metal track; several websites suggested swapping out the plastic trucks with metal. Any suggestions or links on removal and installation, part numbers, reconditioning with new grease, actual take-apart-procedures, etc?

Thanks. I've also recently purchased an HO Scale Digital Commander Set that I will post in the other forum.


You have the first version of the Bachmann Big Haulers product line. The R/C version you have has been out of production for many years and no replacement parts are available except by cannibalism. 

The time and money you will need to spend to get the locomotive into shape will be far more than the cost of a new version. I suggest you sell what you have and look to getting at least a current version locomotive from the Bachmann Big Haulers product line. Take a good look at the large-scale Spectrum line before you decide.

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These locomotives are pretty simple.  The backhead (back end of the boiler) lifts up to reveal the battery compartment.  It holds 6 size D batteries.  The transmitter uses one 9 volt battery.  Once these are installed, put the locomotive on the rails, turn on the switch on the transmitter, then turn on the switch on the back of the locomotive.  Move the transmitter speed control knob to make the locomotive go forward or backward.  If it works, it works.  If it does not, do not send it to Bachmann for repairs.  There are no spare parts available.

The range of the transmitter is not overly far - maybe 50 feet.  But if the locomotive goes out of range of the control signal, it will continue moving forward anyway.  In fact, if you are running it in circles and want to save on transmitter battery, just turn the transmitter off.

The tender plugs into the back of the locomotive and a second switch on the back of the locomotive turns the sound system on and off.  The sound is an electronically generated chuff that is synchronized with the drivers.

The motors in these locomotives are on the small size, I assume to conserve battery power.  If you do not overload them (2 freight cars plus a caboose or 2 passenger cars max) then they will last a long time. 

I have a soft spot for these locomotives as they were my first introduction to Bachmann large scale, and I still keep a couple of them in operating condition.  I have since gone on to track power, DCC control and heavier duty locomotives.  And more recently, a couple of battery powered, radio controlled locomotives with multi-function transmitters and receivers capable of controlling complex sound systems and other electrical  accessories.  So be warned - it starts with one simple locomotive, and it's all down hill from there!!  I for one would have it no other way.
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Jim: Thanks for the warning re: being addicted. Too late, I'm not sure if there is a 12 step plan available...even if there was one, i'm never telling the wife.

I live in Houston, TX and the weather here is very tropical. Track conditions could be very difficult to maintain and I wanted to start out with a battery run garden scale train to get it going immediately. Does Bachmann have other battery powered large scale lines? I didn't notice any on quick inspection. How difficult is it to convert track powered large scales to battery run R/C or DCC?


battery power is fairly common in Large scale, because it means you dont have to clean track anymore! which can be a pain for outdoor track.

there are no Large Scale trains made currently that come ready-to-run with battery power, you have to convert them yourself.
but its fairly easy, and there are many companys that make RC systems specifically for LS trains.

If I may suggest another forum for information, check out the battery forum over on MLS:


lots to read there, probably the largest concentration of Battery/RC discussion on the internet, and you can get a feel for what is going on in the battery-powered Large Scale world.

lots of people on this forum that can help too!
but when you are looking for raw knowledge, just reading threads on MLS can learn you a lot! ;)



R/C - battery power difficult?  Maybe ???

Confusing? Most definitely   :-\

Lots of different systems out there like the AristoCraft, RCS, AirWire, etc.  There are a few shops that can do the set up for you. Check and read some of the forum postings on mylargescale - http://www.mylargescale.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=55

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Bachmann has not done any R/C models since the one you have. Bachmann is releasing large scale locomotives four ways:
•   Standard (i.e. not DCC ready)
•   DCC ready
•   decoder equipped
•   decoder equipped with sound.

DCC On Board is Bachmann’s phrase for decoder equipped.

R/C control system using battery on board is an after market add-on. Several systems are available (not from Bachmann). Some of the best are made by Remote Control Systems.

DCC uses track to deliver power/DCC signal except  CVP produces a battery on board system called AirWire 900 using DCC technology and using their T9000 wireless throttle.

Loco Bill Canelos

Bachmann did offer a circus set radio controlled, just like the one you have.  There several different sets, not a lot different, but there were both the 27 mgz and 49 mhz transmitters & receivers in the locomotives. this allows 2 train operation on the same track.  Bachmann RC locomotives are sold on EBAY every week.  the ones with road numbers ending in 7 are 27 mgz and those ending in 9 are 49 mgz.  They go for very reasonable prices.

Happy railroading!!
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