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Bach Man, Can you help me with my Annie?

Started by Harvey, March 19, 2007, 12:27:50 PM

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Bach Man, I have this Annie that I received as a birthday present from my
grandparents about twenty one years ago. She's an extremely well performing engine, But today she began to whine. I immeadiately took her out of service and lubed her, but the problem persists. What else can I do?
I would hate to park her on a siding somewhere, or part with her.



I think the Annie's have only been around for 5 years or less (Annie - short for 20th anniversary edition). What you have is an early edition of the ten wheeler big hauler. Is it the battery powered or track powered? You can find some helpful tips here -

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Actually the Annie is the 10th anniversary. It sounds like you have a first or second generation big hauler.

Boulder Creek and Western Railroad (G scale 1:20.3)

Tim Brien

            apart from LGB,  the only largescale readily available 21 years ago was Kalamazoo (later Delton/Hartland).   The radio-control Bachmann 'Big Hauler' series has been around about 16/17 years and the track-powered around 15 years.

Loco Bill Canelos


If it doesn't run well, and is one of the electric powered 4-6-0 locomotives you could send it to Bachmann for repair.  Give them a call and dicuss the problem with them.  Ther is a fee involved, as I recall $25 and you will have to pay to ship it to them, they will pay return shipping.   Repairs can take awhile, depending on the backlog of repairs, but they do a fantastic job!   I have done it and was very satisfied!!

Good luck
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the Bach-man

Dear Harvey,
All of the above comments are valid. What is the road name or cab number?
the Bach-man


Bach-Man, The Roadname/Number of my 4-6-0 is
Atchison,Topeka & Santafe #49 (All plastic details).


I want to thank all of you that responded to this topic. I found the information to be extremely useful. I spoke to my grandma this
morning. According to her, My particular locomotive was purchased
around mid 1991. I'm not sure though, I thought was well before then.