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Wiring Bachmann EZ Track

Started by mitremark, February 15, 2009, 01:35:06 PM

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I am starting a layout using Bachmann EZ Track and a Bachmann EZ Command DCC controller. My question is do i wire the EZ Track the same way as a conventional track with the bus wire and feeder wires connecting the track to the power supply?  The plan book that came with the first set only shows connecting the power through a power rerailer track and only one per layout, but that is using DC not DCC.


Ok is there a reference I can refer to because complex to me probably is not complex to someone with more experience.  I am planned a layout with 2 seperate main lines one is a big oval (4' x 11') and the other is an oval (inside the first one) with a "S" curve on one side eventually opening one end up into a yard of some sort after I expand the table.


Can you increase the table to 5X11?  This will make it possible for both your outer and inner loops to have 22" radius curves, which has any number of reasons for being better than 18 inch.   I think both loops, in any event, will need at least two power leads to the tracks - one opposite the other.  I'm thinking that with EZ-Track, the easiest/least expensive way to add additonal power leads is by using Atlas powered rail joiners - rail joiners with wire solder to them, replacing the joiners that came with the track where you want to add additional power. 
My track has leads every nine feet of track, but I use flex track. 
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Thanks for the info that is more what i was looking for on the wiring. Also for the insight on the S curve.

The table is up against a wall the length of the room so going to 5' would make it impossible to reach the other side, but that would be a great idea other wise.