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Train shows re- Bach Man

Started by mudhen, February 15, 2009, 06:52:15 PM

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This is to the Bach Man.
I am finding train shows, really boring here in Southern Ontario. Same old, same old. Never once have I seen a Manufacturer here. What would it take to get you to attend a show here in the Toronto area, to show off Bachmann products.  I know you would be a show stopper, and what a boust of Garden Railroading you would be.  Maybe you could start a trend and maybe  Aristocraft, USA Trains, Lgb ( Marklin ) ,etc,etc, may even catch on. Canada could be your undiscovered country. I challenge you to be the leader. I would even help you with contacts if needed.
Your friend in Railroading


It would also be nice if you showed up at the Calgary show.
Don .


In Ontario, Canada, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find hobby shops with Bachmann G products.  I agree that it would be a big boost to our hobby if the Bach-man could attend/exhibit at some of Canada's bigger shows.

With the impending North American launch of Thomas in G size, there's a whole new generation to fascinate with trains.  It's a marvellous opportunity to rejenerate the hobby in Canada