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Bachmann Shorties

Started by renniks, February 27, 2009, 10:40:24 AM

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    Have been shortening Bach cars for use with small locos on a portable layout with 15"rad.curves.
     First to be tried was an unlettered Reefer.


    Parts displaced to the right are not used.  On body 8 planks are removed from one side of doors and 7 planks from other side. On the roof the walkway is separated working from one end until a razor saw can be used underneath. First cut on roof is immediately to the rear of the ice hatches at that end.  Portion of roof to remove can be measured using piece from underframe. Walkway can be trimmed and reglued after roof parts are rejoined


    Reassembled      Body length--5.25"

    A flat car is shortened by cutting underframe as above and cutting deck to suit.

    The standart tank will fit on a shorty flat with the ends of the hold-down straps glued into the stake pockets at each end of flat.


     Eric UK




Nice job. That could be the answer for those that small layouts. I found myself looking at those pictures several times.

If your parents never had children, chances are you won't either.


Eric, those cars look terrific!  Thanks for the photos and tips.

- Harry

El Loco

Nice & clean modification.  ;)


     I found some Bach gons at a good price.  Stripped off boards ready for conversions--so far have done a shorty flat and a shorty 3 plank gon.  With some of the redundant side and end boards I have built a small coaling stage.


     Now I needed some shorty passenger cars so I started with 2 combines. From the center I removed a window and equal width of planking(from baggage portion). For something different I rejoined the 2 baggage ends together to get a 4 door baggage car. The 2 pass.ends were now rejoined for a passenger car. This gives a car with a WC at each end but also 2 stoves, so i removed 1 stove and stack and replaced it with a dropdown seat and flap table for the conductor.


    Pic shows comparison with standard combine---still need some tissue on tops to hide joins. Have also done a straight 'chop' on another combine.

     If you need a bigger 'small' loco than a Porter, try a Backwoods Miniatures conversion kit for a Bach HO 0-6-0T. Photo shows one with a Porter.


    Hope this encourages some of you to have a BASH.

    Eric UK




   Bruce,Harry and El Loco,

   Thanks for your comments.

   Eric UK