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bachmann paint

Started by bigreds, April 15, 2009, 12:18:20 AM

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Hi all I have a bachmann  Shay both 55 and 38ton and a heisler all have paint lifting from the metal I Frame. I have stripped and cleaned and tried to paint with Tamiya (Primer First) paint no luck.Paint just scratches easily have tried krylon still no luck and ideas on how to paint this metal?
Maybe metal blackener?


Loco Bill Canelos

I have had great luck with Polyscale "Steam Power Black"
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Which Tamiya paints did you use - the jars or the spray cans?

Spray cans are synthetic lacquers - lacquers are very thin coats which do scratch easily and need a good clear coat over them.
Jars are acrylic lacquers.

An idea is to use automotive spray primer designed for metals.
Will, of course, want to strip paint - again  ;) - first
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