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36 ton shay

Started by petertoot, February 12, 2007, 04:34:07 AM

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hi,i have purchased a second hand shay,it runs very well,but i have noticed that one wheel is loose on each truck,i do remember some dicussion,re this so can any one please refresh my aging memory, thanks peter...

the Bach-man

Dear Peter,
It may be time to replace the trucks. I'd suggest getting a pair of the new metal trucks; they are easy to install and very powerful.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


Unless you have access to parts or someone who can fix them (and you need to pull the bottom covers and inspect for broken screw-holes before proceeding), metal trucks are the answer.
They have the same "guts" as yours, motors, gears, axles, wheels, and externals, the metal housings do not attenuate noise like the plastic did, but you won't have HOUSING issues again.

If your screw-holes are okay, e-mail me or contact service for washer kits on your old units.



I just picked up a new 36 ton Shay NIB and I hate to think I'll have to buy new trucks to make it right. Bachmann service has it now fixing a rear truck. Bachmann had a flaw that wasn't fixed.  I love my Bachmann trains and have many.  I have a source for couple new 36 ton Shays and I will be buying them.