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Started by lkydvl, February 07, 2007, 03:19:01 PM

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Mr. Bachmann,

  Is there any chance of improving the parts issue?  I need a replacement motor for an Annie.  I called the Service Dept. and was told I needed to send it in for repair.  I do most of my own repairs and had already torn the loco apart and removed the motor. 

I told them all I needed was the motor and I could install it myself.  I explained the motor was damaged by my own stupidity and was not a warranty issue. 

I figure a motor should be cheaper and less costly to ship than the motor, their labor and return shipping.  I was told they didn't sell motors.  I pushed a bit and he said he would check into it and get back to me. 

True to his word he did and left me a message on the machine.  They want $25 for the motor! 

This seems more than a bit outrageous since the price quoted to repair the loco and return ship it was the same.  I get the feeling they don't want to sell the motor and are trying to force me to send the whole works to them.

Its not the best idea in customer service.


Loco Bill Canelos


The price may not be as bad as you think,  I saw a replacement can motor sell on Ebay for $32 Just a few weeks ago.  There are some up for bid right now That look cheap, so far just $6 with 4 days to go and 4.75 shipping.  Try pasting the lines below to see it

Hope it helps.
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Jon D. Miller


Check your e-mail.

Poster Child (unofficial & uncompensated)


I find it very disappointing that there has been not one reply from the Bach Man on this thread.

If it weren't for a very helpful forum member I'd still be stuck.  Bachmann needs to SERIOUSLY rethink its policy on selling parts!

Why should we have to scrounge parts from each other?  Isn't customer support also providing parts at a reasonable price?


the Bach-man

Dear Andre,
I have commented on this issue numerous times. A change in policy is not within my purview, but I've passed along your concern.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


Thank you Sir!

Its all I can ask as I know you don't make the rules.  We do appreciate it when you let the guys with the big heads know what we think.