Rumours and/or Speculation has it Question, for the Bachmann ?

Started by mudhen, July 15, 2009, 09:21:29 PM

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Any truth to the rumor that the Parent company owning Bachmann will be the most likely to acquire the Marklin/LGB package considering that LGB via Marklin is in bankruptcy for the second time.
And my insider was wrong on the release date of the long caboose, any up date on it.... The ship from China hasn't sunk, has it. I hope not !.
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I heard the sam rumor.

If they did, would it be LGB by Bachmann, just LGB or would Bachmann consolidate the Big Haulers with the LGB line, keeping 1:22.5 alive? 

As of now most vendors are focusing on 1:20.3, however, they cost more.   I lot of folks have the 1:22.5 and 1:24 equipment and it would be nice if Bachmann would be able to add more locos and other items to the Big Hauler line.

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Scuttlebutt at the convention was that the Marklin/LGB bankruptcy judge, had removed a buyers restriction that would keep the production in Germany.  If this is true the door is wide open for Kader to buy the line.   A year ago I was told by one of the VP's at Bachmann that they had put in a bid back then, but it failed because of the restriction.   I cannot think of a company big enough to buy Marklin/LGB but Bachmann.

My bet would be LGB by Bachamnn!!

We will just wait to see what happens.   

Walthers had a big display at the nationaL convention Banners proclaiming they have all the new LGB items in stock and were shipping to dealers!!   

Since I am not interested in LGB I did not check into it further.
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The LGB/Walthers rep at the convention was upbeat about the future of LGB's product line, but wasn't in a position to comment on what's going on with the bankruptcy stuff.

The Bachmann rep said the cabooses will be here next month, Forneys in November.




hi guys,my 2cents from auzzie,i hope that kader do buy lgb,i guess we all have some of these,both units are tough,bachmann at the moment over here is good value,if the buy lgb,we all benifit,one way or another. ;) ;)