Bachmann’s large scale model of the Denver & Rio Grande Western’s K-27 locomotive.


Bachmann is proud to present the Spectrum® K-27 as the next leap forward for large-scale model railroading.


K-27 locomotives underwent numerous changes in their 50 years of service life, so no two were exactly alike.  Bachmann chose to replicate different road numbers at different times. Therefore the details, paint scheme, cab, and tender shell of each version are specific to a certain time in its service career.


History of the Prototype

Installing After Market sound and control products


Lubrication and Maintenance

Product Overview


  • outside frame with solid die-cast counterweights
  • snow plow and doghouse on selected models bronze pop valves, bell, and whistle
  • smoke stack spark arrestor
  • numerous die-cast parts, including operating piston values and Walschaert valve gear, side rods, dual air pumps and generator, flickering firebox
  • complete locomotive brake rigging and brake shoes
  • operating Johnson bar, reach bar controls, adjustable valve gear
  • complete boiler backhead detail including numerous gauges, piping, throttle, and brake stand
  • operating clamshell firebox door
  • cab awnings, operating hatches and windows
  • detailed sand lines, piping, nut, bolt, and washer details, and detailed rivets throughout
  • diamond safety tread deck plate
  • removable detailed coal load
  • fully detailed trucks with operating journal box lids
  • tender brake hanger, brake shoes, air hoses, and coupler cut lever
  • body mounted die-cast scale knuckle couplers for both front and rear couplers
  • longer coupler shanks included for operation on tight radius
  • die-cast offset shank couplers also included for use with other popular brands of narrow gauge couplers


  • fully equalized locomotive suspension as on the prototype, including individually sprung drivers, trailing truck, and floating gear box
  • complete die-cast frame and chassis
  • custom built 19.1 volt motor with ball bearings and brass machined flywheel
  • dual helical cut gears
  • all brass gears to ensure durability
  • double-lead stainless steel worm with thrust bearing to provide superior durability and eliminate locomotive surge
  • ball bearing supported worm gear to provide superior durability
  • prototypical Rushton radial trailing truck
  • designed for operation on 8 foot or greater diameter track


  • open and nonproprietary plug-and-play electronics interface to accommodate the control system of your choice, including DC, NMRA DCC, and radio control/battery operation
  • designed for a maximum of 24 volts DC, battery, or NMRA DCC operation
  • heavy duty plugs and wiring throughout
  • current limited constant lighting for
    • direction activated front and rear headlights
    • operating smoke unit
    • operating classification lights
    • operating cab light
    • operating firebox flicker
  • three-position switches with center "off" for DCC or DC operation of:
    • smoke unit,
    • cab light
    • firebox, and classification lights
  • all-wheel driver and tender electrical pickup
  • easy access to electronics inside tender
  • three switches in tender to choose
    • track or battery power pickup,
    • operation according to NMRA or large scale model railroading practices
    • motor power on/off switch to allow stationary operation with lights on
  • designed for the installation of aftermarket sound systems
  • optical sensors in cylinders for accurate sound synchronization
  • chuff sensors selectable for 2 or 4 chuffs per revolution
  • battery screw terminals for easy installation of RC systems
  • space designed for installation of batteries for RC operation



By establishing a regular lubrication and general maintenance schedule, you can have a lifetime of fun, performance, and satisfaction with this outstanding locomotive model. Do not use any liquids or solvents to clean this locomotive; use a soft, lint-free cloth or cosmetics brush. Also, do not leave your locomotive unattended outdoors overnight or in inclement weather.


If your locomotive should need service, please note that our service department is not

responsible for repairs to locomotives with aftermarket products installed in the K-27’s

plug-and-play socket. Any locomotive requiring service should be returned to us as delivered, entirely in the original packaging AND with the factory-supplied (DC) Dummy PC Board plugged in the plug-and-play socket.


Contact our service department at:


Service Department

Bachmann Industries, Inc.

1400 East Erie Avenue

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