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October 18, 2018, 06:39:19 PM
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Author Topic: 2-8-0 new release  (Read 2567 times)

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« on: July 08, 2016, 11:55:16 AM »

i applaud Bachmann for a update &re release of the connie with sound.this IMHO is what raised the bar with bachmann as to what they could offer up against the competition &raise the bar.i have few of these stump pullers and it looks like my wallet is going to take a hit once again.i would also like to see in the near future  bachmann to do the same thing to the heavy mountain that so many of us have asked for a re-run as a final thought an update &sound also to your northern 4-8-4 would fill the bill. i see also you have announced a versatile pacific with different road considerations in ho ,especially like the grand trunk one. i have long stressed on this forum that so many varibles could be done with your pacific&glad to see someone is listening
to their customer's comments.things certainly look good for the hobby's future. well done BACHMANN.
Regards&later KEWATIN

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« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2016, 03:06:54 PM »

I think this is a great decision by Bachmann.

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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2016, 07:16:43 AM »

I am very pleased to see the 2-8-0 is being released with dcc and sound later in 2016.
I have two of the Spectrum version in which I had dcc with sound installed.
They are two of my favorite locomotives.
I would liked Baltimore and Ohio, but that has been a minor issue; I have relettered
many of my steam locomotives to B&O.

I have been begging for Bachmann to release a 2-8-0 with all the current technology; hope my vote counted.

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« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2016, 10:28:34 AM »

I stated in another thread I am not sure this is a good move by Bachmann.  They sold a ton of the old issue 2-8-0's which were pretty easy to convert to DCC and sound.  So Bachmann has the unenviable problem of competing against their own product.  But lets look at the DCC and sound model as that, along with the price, is what sets this offering apart.  For $400. you get a sound equipped 2-8-0.  Now that is MSRP and Bachmann has a high markup.  The K4 released last year had an MSRP of $360 and a 'street price' of about $240.  Even today you will find them for $225.  So let's assume a discount of 33% so the $400 MSRP becomes $267.  OKay so much for the pricing now let's look at the DDC and sound.  The Bachmann decoder is not a top of the line decoder nor is the speaker.   Better decoders can be gotten.  Factor in that Bachmann's QC is not good and you may be putting out a lot of money for a poor locomotive.  

Now let's look at taking an older issue model, one that we not only already have but have run.  We know how it runs so quality control is not an issue.  What would it take to turn this into DCC with sound and how much would it cost?  We would need a sound decoder such as a Lok Sound mini, a speaker like one of the 'sugar cube' types and installation.  Installation is not difficult and we can choose to install them ourselves or, if we are feint of heart, have someone to do it for us.  So how much will this cost?  A ESU Lok sound decoder will cost about $110 although I have gotten them for $80.  Good 'sugar cube' speakers go for $5-10 or so.  So for $120 we have all the components we need.  The installation is not difficult and can be done in about two hours or less.  Local clubs usually have some techno savy person who will do installations quite cheaply for say $50.00 per locomotive.  So for $170 we have a locomotive that we know is a good running locomotive versus a $267 locomotive that may or may not run as well and we will have a better decoder and speaker to boot.  

This is the competition that Bachmann faces.  Had the original 2-8-0 been designed so that installation of a decoder would be difficult then we would have a different situation but as it is I think Bachmann has taken on  a difficult problem.  It is one thing to compete with Athearn, Atlas, Kato , Model Power and the like but when you create your own competition you complicate matters more than necessary.

The thing is that this same scenario works out for any of Bachmann's recent steam offerings that did not have sound as they are all constructed to the same basic design so it would not matter which locomotive they chose.  But because of the sheer number of 2-8-0's they sold previously it is particularly applicable to the 2-8-0 model.

There is a tutorial in the DCC and Electronics forum of Trainboard that details an installation in the Bachmann 2-8-0.  Go here to review it.:

This tutorial is about a year old.  There have been some improvements.  Knowles speakers with sound directed out the bottom of the tender rather through the coal load was one change.

James in FL

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« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2016, 06:53:50 PM »

$200+ USD for a loco pre-equipped with DCC and sound, two things I will never use…,  
I don’t think so Tim.

Other than a second “Class J“ I picked up from MBK for $140 on clearance, I’ve passed on everything released after the heavy 4-8-2.
That’s a lot of lokies released since then that I’ve passed on, the EM-1, the 2-8-4 (already had the competitors’ version), the 4-6-2, the 4-6-0, the 2-8-8-4, and the 2-10-2.

Do not like Bachmann’s “take it or leave it” attitude about DCC and sound for those who, like myself, are just not interested in paying for something we will never use.

FWIW, those same hobby dollars are not in my account, they have been spent on other manufacturers products that give me choices in their locomotives options.
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« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2016, 07:39:27 PM »

Bachmann produces according to what our retailers order. If DCC/Sound locomotives are being ordered by retailers in higher numbers than DC locos that is what Bachmann produces (and that is the current trend). Can't afford to have inventory laying around in the warehouse that retailers won't order...

As far as producing a 2-8-0 that is ready to run with DCC/Sound is concerned - there are folks out there who do not want to or are uncomfortable doing a decoder install. If you are an experienced model railroader you can certainly pick up an older model and install whatever you want into it.
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