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December 13, 2018, 04:45:40 PM
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Author Topic: GE44 Tsunami2 1100 w/snd  (Read 470 times)

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« on: April 29, 2017, 07:22:00 PM »

My previous post was for the first conversion I did on the Bachmann GE44 ton loco.
It used  earlier Tsunami 750 board, but same Current Keeper and RailMaster cube spkr.

CAUTION: Tsunami2 boards have a NEW set of CV listings.  See NEW ref. manual ! !
If you accidentally use old generation CV's&values,  BAD,  BAD  things happen.
                               REALLY BAD !

If CV not listed, default is used.
CV   3-40    120-18
       4-40    129-70
      25-10   122-0
      29-18   130-04
      63-40  114-19
      66-30  112-3
      95-30  123-5

Notes:  CV 3,4:  The prototype accelerated very rapidly, and could stop on a dime.
              66,95:  Top end on prototype around 35mph. I limit mine to 15mph. My layout
                          is for yard and local switching, not Class 1 stuff. 10mph restrictions.
                          It allows sound generator to come in before loco hardly moves.

                          Also, on the Tsunami2, from a dead stop, by cranking speed control 1/2 way
                          up or more, prime mover will really sound off with heavy load volume until
                          loco nears speed setting you applied.  If you start to lower speed
                          control back down, "heavy load" sound will diminish immediately.
                          If you move speed control at a slower rate, more gentle prime mover
                          sounds will be heard.  All this happens before the speed of the loco
                          changes much.  Very, very effective.  And, I have not even turned
                          "ON" the new Dynamic Digital Exhaust yet!

                  63:  I used a 1000ohm resistor on each LED.  This brought the briteness
                         down to a more realistic level.  And the value of 40 really does dim
                         headlight properly.
                114: speed step/engine notch, 19 okay for now.
                123: prime mover type-dual Cat D17000, 180hp each. When commanded, each
                        prime mover starts separatley,

                Remember to log your CV values B4 you change them, so you can return to original.

                CAUTION: these values are used on a Tsunami2 1100 using a RailMaster cube speaker!
                I have no idea if/how they would work on a stock Bachmann DCC motor only board.

                CAUTION: Tsunami2 boards use different set of CV's and values from previous versions.
                Obtain and use ONLY THE NEW reference manual.
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