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Come across a old Spectrum dd40ax new old store stock .New in the box. In the box it comes with about a 2 inch square sheet of black plastic that it does not list in the instructions/exploded view drawing.Had one of the same years ago with the same thing in the box.Anybody know what Bachmanns intention was for putting it in the box. Maybe to block the light leaking out the bottom ,or blocking the middle walkway???Just my guess.Any Ideas?
HO / SD70ace new run question for the Bachmann
August 20, 2016, 08:17:43 PM
Hello, I would like to know information on the sd70ace dealing with the new cv default set listing since there have been updates dealing with the added ditch light functions that would make differences then the first run.Is the list in the box with the loco,or is it going to be published  for a download in the near future?
I have just got a look at the new sd70ace Norfolk Southern Heritage and noticed a difference from the first run with the ditch light housings are a little deeper in size ,Are they operating ditch lights on this run front and rear ?
HO / DDA40X low horn volumes For the Bachmann
August 10, 2016, 06:45:09 PM
Hay Bachmann .Has there been any updates on the sound value decoder since the initial 2011 release to address the low horn volume issue? The volumes are 2/3 higher on all the other functions.So to balance out to where the horn volume should be they have to be dropped 2/3 rds .This set up seems to need adjusting that cv's cannot provide.Do you have a fix OR Updated revision that can fix this issue ,or is the only way to make it better to replace it with a MRC since I am on a budget and so this is the reason for the SV purchase and well the horns are all bad.
HO / Alco s4 CAB removal
July 12, 2016, 11:07:07 PM
Has anyone removed the Cab from the Alco s4?The exploded view shows 2 tabs on the inside of the outer walls of the cab,but there is also a inner wall that does not allow you to see the tabs  ??? Also ,,,Does anybody make a Alco s series cab interior?.Or must I have to make my own? I rearranged the under hood board with 2 speakers all under the hood and no longer need the hood inside the cab that hides the original position of the circuit board since it is moved forward.Do not feel like breaking this one.
I have had the Alco s4 since it was just released and replaced the speaker twice due to cracking noises from the speaker. The speaker just does not have what

the Soundtraxx 539t  sound along with the default horn actually put out to handle unless you run it at the default setting and that sound is just buried if your

running other sound value locomotives in their default settings so I found that by removing the sound chamber and flipping the decoder over the pickup wires

from the trucks do not have to be crossed over like the factory wiring does and it can also be moved forward that will leave the cab open to add a cab

interior,along with room for 2 speakers with chambers on top of the circuit board and also room for additional weight.This extra space is gained removing the

original speaker and enclosure and the circuit board flip that brings it even with the base of the cab .Flat metal weights extend from the top motor mount

bracket to the front and rear lights so then the circuit board sits level with no bracket needed to hold it only a little tape. Strange thing that when the speakers

are wired in a series they are full of static and low volume.When they are wired in parallel the sound is loud crisp and clear as any high end sound decoder at

half volume along with loud horns without having to back down the prime mover so much you can here the wheels click over the switches or crosses when ran

across . I was warned by Soundtraxx that wiring in parallel can be done ,but cautioned that the volume must be kept down or amp failure is probable.I think I

found that limit when blowing the horn wile the loco was parked and the sound started to get incredibly much louder on it's own.I shut it down quickly and

backed off the volumes a little and retested and all great now. Just wondered if the volume ramping up on its own was a sign or maybe a poor connection in

the board was somehow bridged.My other alco s2 uses a 11+15 sugar cube with a 11mm enclosure that has just about the same volume with deeper tones

.Almost seems a lttle muffled in compairson to the totally revamped flipped circuit boad set up in the other with dual speakers. The single speaker version uses

the old enclosure except for the end piece cut off that allows room for the sugar cube speaker that butts up against the stock open end of the enclosure allowing sound to exit the hole in the bottom of the frame but still has a little muffled deeper tone .Few options here.Seems like the sound board on the Alco s2 and s4 are slightly different with the lighting and the speaker tone output.Any opinions or Ideas ?
General Discussion / Restoring old Decals Possible
June 12, 2016, 12:08:37 PM
I recently started back at doing some re-lettering  and some custom paint ect  ..and have collected many decal sets over the years and kept them in a freezer bag thinking it would preserve them.They look new ,but when they are put into the water to separate from the sheet they turn in a thousand little pieces .They are Micro Scale . Is there anything that could be put on them or in the water to save them??? :(. The project was using a Bachmann gp40 shell.
Hello Everyone,
Just had a thought about a dcc wrecking crane.
Many company's make them in ho scale , but just manual operation. I believe Roco actually made one back in the 90's and it was very pricey and myself have never seen one.
If they can put sound in N scale models like Bachmann does.Seems the technology and reliable mechanisms could maybe fit into a say 200 or 250 ton wrecking crane that can actually function under dcc controll in HO scale now so it could raise the boom ,control the spools  for single or dual cable hooks.That may be pushing it! At least 1 .And have the ability to pivot it's turret .I have seen some videos of one operating from a Kitbashed Athearn along with some info on how it was made.
May be something overlooked by all caught up in the dcc sound thing.Wonder if Bachmann has one in the works? If not maybe they should.How many of us would get one if it was made and operational with a little sound too??
Just a thought,
HO / Turnouts and Soundtraxx sound trouble
May 29, 2016, 12:07:33 PM
Hello Everyone,
I have a few Soundtraxx TsumanI Equiped locos along with a few Bachmann sound value diesels. I have a strange thing randomly happening when running through a turnout that is not switched to divert In One Direction Only. The loco will either cause a short and shut down the system or it will restart the sound and the lights will start flashing and it will go wide open throttle with no control.
I stop it with the e-stop then try to replicate what happen at the turnout in question going the opposite direction. Normal operation occurs.
If I run it through the turnout not diverged again the same way the defect happened fast it will not act up.
The turnouts are of the Atlas WITH NON powered FROGS. One of the 2 suspect turnouts will short and shut down the system when I run a old metal wheeled AHM/Rivarossi with the large flanges over it.This is also running straight through it not diverged in one direction only. Trying to comprehend why only in one direction this occurs is the mystery in dcc.
This layout has a 6 gang switch that can flip the entire layout to dc control .These problems do not happen in dc just for the record.
Any Ideas?
HO / EMD SD45 for the Bachmann/Yardmaster
May 24, 2016, 09:21:28 PM
I was wondering, since the EMD SD45 was released in N scale with sound reciently, if Bachmann was going to re-release, or has plans to release this Special sd45 locomotive in HO scale also with sound ?
If not I would like to put in a request.Maybe Others?
HO / Weighting Locomotives Traction vs. Wear
April 26, 2016, 02:36:27 PM
I just wanted to see some opinions we have about the benefits of added weight to our locomotives vs. wear and tear.I have added weight to a few of my Bachmann switchers and gained positive traction along with better electrical pickup in my Alco s4 and 70 tonner ,but  the same time both my s4 and s2 developed a wear ridge on the right rear wheel right down the center like the axles are not moving lateral since the axle gear is off center t words the  right rear under the cab where the odd wheel wear on both is occurring.The weight is behind each sideframe on that little porch between both wheels.You can get a quarter oz on each side along with a flat weight above the decoder and a some in front of the front headlight.These seem to help balance out the weight since the factory frame is very unbalanced with most of the weight in the cab area. Anybody know what material these wheels are made from that would wear so quickly? This wheel ridge does not seem to effect performance yet ,but the outside half of the wheel is probably a few thousands smaller now. Also does Bachmann have a opinion of adding weight to its locomotives ? Curious? ???
Is the start up sequence available on the sound value gp 38 -2 like it is on the dda40x sound value diesel?
Like to know why The upgraded Dynamis Ultima system with pc interface is not available in the U.S.A ?The U K has had it for a few years now and it has a pc interface that we in the U.S. have been promised since it's release and with a modular system like it is a explanation is required by many that invested in this.
The first thread was answered and locked out .The second was removed.IF so why ? It is your own product that we invested in  and are asking a question on your forum. Thanks.Johnny
Hello All,
Stumbled upon a old Mantua flat car that has a bracket molded to to the top of the car that holds 3 cement pipes and I had seen them with tractors on them before.Normaly they are all plastic ,but the one I found gas a complete die cast under frame with metal trucks and axles with plastic wheels.The deck of the car is screwed to the under frame .I looked around for some proto type photos if this car even existed.Seems the cAr by its date on it and a little research was used in the 20's and 30's but never found a good prototype pic.Were these just fantasy cars with the tub type brace for the pipes or just a novelty for sales?
The metal frame and trucks look like they could be used for a good solid car kitbash just by adding metal wheel set and couplers to the frame.
If that type of flat car actually existed A little reference help would be appreciated  .If not it will be the new frame for a Bachmann gondola that is waiting to be finished.
Johnny ???
HO / Dynamis Ultima question for the Bachmann
April 06, 2016, 06:15:02 PM
Hello ,
Can you tell us when Dynamis Ultima will be available in the U.S.A  ? It is all over the web and available in Europe already and I imagine can be purchased ,but with all the duties and taxes would not be fair to your best customers here in the U.S.A.
HO / Helical cut gears? GP 9 & more part problems
March 28, 2016, 01:11:40 PM
Do Bachmann gp 9 locos have helical cut gears.Getting a lot of gear crunching noise from 1 truck so I removed the bottom cover  to take a look and noticed 1 idler gear looks like it has helical cut gear ,but the rest are straight .At slow speed in reverse the loco stalls ,but does not at the same speed going forward.There a possibility that they got the gears mixed up during assembly.Never noticed or had any problems like this before with any of my other Bachmann 2 axle trucks.Any advise would be greatly appreciated
HO / DCC Onboard Found cv 130 and 131,
March 26, 2016, 04:30:30 PM
Hello Bachmann ,
Just though of posting the inaccuracy of the dcc on board cv list since the electrical noise and performance of this decoder is pathetic at slow speed .Runs better at

slow speed on dc though.Found cv 157 which changes the locos direction with odd and even number pattern that does this.Now I FOUND cv131,132 and 130

have a positive effect on how it runs almost like a bemf.Noticed this up a grade at slow speed .Would not stall once adjusted.Anybody find any more?Or even a

better question when dealing with motor performance with these dcc onboard decoders that are not the plug in type but a complete board type Why are these

not listed when it deals with performance which with trial and error makes it run better? Found 131 by accident wile I was dialing up the volume on the prime

mover on a sound value diesel to around 200 in service mode not realizing that the gp 9 was on the same rail at the time .Then noticed the gp 9 would not move hardly even at full throttle from a dead stop like cv 3 acell rate was turned up to

255 .So I backed it off to 90 programming on the main.Shut power down and restarted power .Now it ran pretty smooth between speed steps 1 and 10 with a

lot less electrical noise.Started my trial and error with the cv's before and after and there also was a change in a positive way.I am running on 128 speed step

mode with dc turned off.I do not know what these cv's are ,but  I  do know that they are there and not listed at all on this site for the dcc on board locos.Be

nice to know there technical name, and  could they create a problem if adjusted? Better to be safe then sorry.
Johnny Adam
Just got my new gp 9 ad it looks great .Ran it a wile in dcc and it does not move until about 20 speed steps and noisy .I switched over to dc and it ran great at slow speeds and pretty quiet..Switched back over to dcc and all kinds of noise and it would not move in relation to all the electrical noise of the motor Untill 20 speed steps.Obviously the problem is not the motor, but the decoder.I Believe this is not normal even for the dcc onboard factory all in one circuit board dcc decoder set up.If anything digital should run better then dc.There any tricks for these or is this decoder board just a dud?
Johnny Adam
Do you know when the parts will be available to fix the body lean side to side on the Norfolk Southern Heritage Diesels.A friends stored closed up he had all 10 of them and we checked each and every one and they all lean side to side and do not stay centered.Does not make any sense to send them all back when a simple part is needed for a new loco called a revised worm gear cover wHich would take care of the tipping .Thanks .
Johnny Adam
HO / error
March 11, 2016, 05:53:32 PM
error already answered