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N / N scale chargers
March 13, 2023, 04:26:33 PM
Recently, the sound decoder In my n scale siemens charger started to sound a little odd. It sounded like the plastic was vibrating and that the sound decoder was muffled. I took off the bottom covering to see if any debris happened to go inside, and after I did that, the sound decoder stopped working. Is this fixable at home, or is this something that should be sent in and repaired.

I sent an email but I have not gotten a response as of this time
N / N scale ALC-42
January 25, 2023, 12:58:32 AM
I'm curious if we know how close the release date is for these locomotives.

Trainworld overestimated the release date of the sc-44s by quite a bit, which is why I ask :D

Also I posted this in here because the latest topic in the n scale section is more than a year old