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No sentimental value just thought I'd give it go.  I emailed the parts department and they said it was too old and wouldn't have anything.

However I managed to a photo of a pancake motor that shows what the gears look like so I'll just keep looking.

The motor sould fine, it's just a shame to scrap the whole loco, unless I use it for weathering practice.
Hi Rich

Sorry I should have been more specific, I had found that diagram and I think this version preceeds that.  It's a pancake motor


Did realise that, has an attached button at the bottom so I used that, bit misleading.

Anyway here is the photo

HO / Amtrak 350 Lighted EMD F40ph Diesel Locomotive
July 15, 2020, 09:02:21 AM

I have this old loco and I'm chasing the gears that connect the wheel set to the motor or at least pic of how it is supposed to look.

I would post a photo, but put the uploader is full, whatever that means.