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Doodlebug passenger car question

Started by Country Joe, May 24, 2012, 01:35:25 PM

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Country Joe

I have the new doodlebug and coach. I would love to get more coaches. Does Bachmann have any plans on releasing the passenger cars separately? I really like the doodlebug, but can't use more than one. On the other hand, I could use a number of the coaches. I would be a very happy camper if Bachmann decides to sell the NYC coaches separately.


Me, too, especially if the price was reasonable ( around $30.00).


Earle Baldwin

Please count me in for a separate sale version of the trailer coach. I'd like to recreate New York Central and Jersey Central commuter operations in N scale and the Bachmann coach, a wonderfully executed piece, is the most accurate N scale model available for the types of cars which were operated by NYC and CNJ in commuter service.